About Us

Tish Haight


Owner & Head Accountant

Christina Andrews


Accountant & Office Manager

Jessica Rene


Accountant & Web Master

Claire Rhodes- Receptionist


A Family Business - Established in 1980

Looking to support a growing family, Tish Haight started Haight Accounting Firm in 1980 while pregnant with her first child. She began by serving family and friends from an extra room in the attic and now has grown the business to serve over 700 clients. Her daughters, Christina and Jessica, have grown up in the thick of it all. From stuffing and licking envelopes while watching cartoons to reconciling bank accounts after finishing their homework, both daughters now take part in running the daily business operations. When they say they are a "full service" accounting firm, they aren't kidding. This family will do just about anything to assist with your personal and business financial needs.